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Jul. 16, 2009
Carpooling and CLIF BARS?
Actually, it’s more like carpooling and music, or, more specifically, carpooling to the concerts of CLIF BAR GreenNotes artists.

GreenNotes musicians and bands are doing all sorts of things to reduce their environmental footprint this season. Now, you can do your own part to reduce your footprint when you’re listening to their tunes.

One of the largest environmental impacts within the music industry comes from fan transportation to and from shows. Carpooling helps make a dent in that ginormous shock to our planet.

Added bonus? It can save you some coin and you can make new friends.

But how to reap all of these carpooling benefits?

Zimride’s an application that makes it super easy for you to share the seats in your car, or catch a ride with other music fans. Post a ride or a rider request for your next show on this handy dandy website.

Here’s to a great summer of music…speaking of which, get two free tracks from the Protect The Places We Play benefit album.
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Amy, Miss Web Gal

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