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Aug. 8, 2006
CAUTION: construction zone
Under constructionIt’s finally happened. We’ve taken over the last 10,000 square feet of the building we lease. What this means is that we're growing like “gangbusters" and we need the space to fit more new people in here. It also means that I'm crazy busy, but it’s the kind of busy that I like. I love this part of my job when I get to pick out paint colors, furniture, and accessories. It takes a lot of planning and organizing, and of course it’s 40% nerve-wracking and 60% FUN. 

Envisioning how the new space will come together is really exciting and challenging. What’s been interesting about this current space is that some of the windows face North and some East, so the light is a really diffused, “morning light,” which lends itself to a more organic palette of colors: neutral browns, desert tans, creamy whites and a splash of sea-glass green. We’re also going to try a new kind of furniture that looks like little beehive colonies. Mix that with some plants, some cool art, and voila, instant office space...well not that instant.

The trick is to orchestrate the project like pieces of a puzzle, so everything doesn’t happen all at once, while making sure nothing slips through the cracks; while moving people isn’t always a picnic, a new space, new colors and totally different furniture than we’re used to should put a positive spin on it.

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