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Jun. 15, 2005
Chaos in the Kitchen
From Erika:

Last week, there was a huge benefit dinner held at Clif Bar.  I think it is awesome that we (the company) do things like this, however, for those of us who work in the kitchen.... it is kind of a love/hate relationship.  For several days, our kitchen turns into chaos.  This has been going on for 3 years now, so I have learned to live with it, but this year, we decided to get out of the office so we wouldn't get frustrated with all of the noise, smells, and traffic running about our office, the kitchen.

For our outing, we decided to visit a local chocolate maker -- Scharffen Berger Chocolate.

 Scharffen Berger is one of my favorite chocolates - they specialize in dark chocolates and just started selling a milk about a year ago.  Their chocolate has a strong, smooth and fruity, particularly the 70% bittersweet, which is my personal favorite.   

We arrived a bit early for the tour, so we went into their cafe and ordered hot chocolates!  They were great, not too sweet, but full of rich chocolate flavor.

I found the tour to be excellent!  They give an extensive history about where chocolate comes from, how it is made, and why Scharffen Berger is special.  They actually use whole vanilla bean pods (the pod and all) in their chocolate!  I bet this helps give it that fruity quality.

Even their milk chocolate was great, it has cacao content of 41%, much higher than most milk chocolates.

It ended up being a great afternoon -- we got away from the chaos and got to learn some new things about chocolate. 

The benefit dinner, ended up being a huge success -- we raised over $30,000 for a great organization - the Brower Youth Awards

Kind of bad for me to complain about people using our work space when they are doing something awesome like that, huh?
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