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May. 31, 2011
Chasing Armadillos with the Clif Bar Texas Field Team
You can trust the friendly Clif Bar Texas Field Marketing team to turn on their big Texas charm just about everywhere they go. Last month, Field Marketing Manager Chris Leon and his crew combined that charm with some fuel in the form of Shot Gel to get riders to the finish line at the Armadillo Classic – a sure recipe for success!

Clif Texas 2

Yes, the Texas Crew is friendly bunch like all Texans but we try to go that extra long Texas mile and help support peoples’ passion. What better way to support that passion than to help riders in their time of need, handing out our new CLIF SHOT Gel formula and other Clif Bar goodies at aid station #5 AKA “The Dillo Door” at the Armadillo Classic Ride in Liberty Hill, TX a few weeks back.

All riders have to make a choice to ride the 60, 78, or 108 miles on the day, but no matter what distance they were shooting for, we kept them all inspired with our signature support, Clif Bar style.

Clif Texas 1

The long hard ride in the Texas heat was the perfect place to help riders power through with SHOT Gel, and when we told riders we have Gel with 100 mg of caffeine, their eyes started to light up like the big bright stars of a Texas night!

So, to all the riders who finished the Armadillo Classic this year, the Texas Clif Crew would like to salute you with a giant Yee Haw.

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