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Aug. 21, 2007
Chow time
A few weeks back, we had our summertime Clif Bar gathering in the middle of a field a few miles from our office. The lovely festivities just happened to fall on quite possibly one of the hottest days this summer and so we lounged under the shade of the trees when we could and chowed down on some yummy eats. When we weren't in the shade, we were off tie-dying shirts, playing softball or making bubbles with clowns.

Oh, and we had a pie-eating contest.

Not just any pie-eating contest but a full-fledged battle of carefully thought-out pie-eating schemes. And if you've ever seen Stand by Me, you know what can happen. With just a little too much gutso, these challenges can take a turn for the worse. Luckily, we were able to avoid that predicament and delight in watching our friends devour the pastries with as little nausea as possible.

Just take a look at the excellent film Stephen shot that fine summer day.

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