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Sep. 17, 2008
Clean up and get down
We’re big fans of music. We’re also big fans of looking after the places where we play, which is why we’re stoked to announce a few ways we can all do a bit of good while listening to some tunes (GreenNotes artists, included).

This Saturday, September 27th, is National Public Lands Day and we're gonna celebrate, GreenNotes style. If you know you're going to be near the central-eastern portion of California this weekend, stop by Yosemite and do a bit of cleaning with Josh Ritter. Or, if you happen to spend most of your time in the eastern region of the US of A, make your way to Revere, MA for some beach cleaning with Missy Higgins. Bonus: both Josh and Missy will play a few tunes as a thank you for your hard work.

But don’t fret, if you can't fit one of these into your busy schedule, you can still give back to the planet by downloading the GreenNotes benefit album (proceeds go to supporting organizations focused on protecting the planet). Heck, you could even pop it into your player and jam on your own while you do some good at one of the events happening around the country this weekend. Just check out the National Public Land’s Day website for a complete list.

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