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May. 31, 2006
Clean your dishes (please)
A lot of people despise mass emails; as if our inbox doesn't get enough attention already, getting that extra message can put some of us over the edge. But sometimes, there's a topic that you just can't avoid sending out in mass—births, reports, cleaning your dishes. 

Here's one from Erika (yes, the same Erika who writes here) that she sent out to the entire Berkeley office last Thursday:

On behalf of all of us who work in the kitchen, I would like take a moment to let everyone in on a few of our “secrets.”

  1. There is no clean up staff in our kitchen. The general policy is that we wash our own dishes.  We would appreciate it if others would also follow this practice.  If you are here for a tasting, hosting an event, or whatever – please take the time to clean your own dishes and put them away.

  2. There are no guests allowed in the kitchen. You can let your guests peek into the kitchen for a minute for a glimpse, but unfortunately, we can not allow visitors to come directly into the kitchen.

  3. If you are here working an event and use an apron, please do not take them with you. If you happen to have one balled up under your desk, please bring it back;—we will even wash it.

Thank you all for your cooperation, we appreciate your help!
—Erika & the whole kitchen crew

A mere 30-minutes after Erika's email, Mary-Kate (who also graces these pages with her writing) piggy-backed on the email with a few reminders of her own:

I would also like to add that if you bring a coffee mug or other dishes with you to Thursday morning breakfast , please ferry them back to one of the break room dishwashers. The clean up crew would really appreciate not having to dump your tea bags, your Peet’s coffee cups etc.  And whoever the people are who  just leave their dishes on the bleachers after meetings, shame on you! (I am recharging my cattle prod as I write this).

One more thing………remember going to camp and having to scrape your dishes and stack them up? A novel concept to be sure. Let’s do this and help speed the clean up on Thursday’s. Scrape your waste, napkins etc. into the compost bin provided. Throw your trash in the trash. Complacency seems to be setting in here, and that’s not a good thing. Sustaining our people comes from everybody walking their talk. Nuff said.


We'll see how things pan out this week.

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