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Oct. 8, 2009
Cleaning Up Clackamas River
Sam’s one of our Clif Bar Ambassadors; he runs the Northwest River Guides out of Portland, OR. What’s a Clif Bar Ambassador? They’re adventure travel guides who are out there on mountains, waves, trails, or rivers—Sam’s home away from home—spreading the Clif love and helping us experience those adventures we’ve dreamed of, but have been too afraid (alright, inexperienced) to do on our own. He sent in this story on the Down the River Cleanup in Clackamas River, Oregon; read on to learn what happens when 300 people descend upon Clackamas River to deal with too much trash…

Oh yes... 1 more year of fun!

Yesterday we had 300 people come out to paddle down the Clackamas River outside Portland, and clean it up! We had fisherman, rafters, kayakers, canoers, and drift boaters for a day of river stewardship. And, plenty of Clif Bars on site. It was in the mid 70s, and a little cloudy, but otherwise great weather. Mississippi Studios set up music, and we had a HUGE BBQ for all the volunteers after the event.

This year was a landmark year because we pulled out less trash than ever before. Over the past 6 years we collected on average 3 tons of trash—that’s right over 6,000 lbs of trash a year. That’s a pretty amazing amount of trash every year, until this one. I’m guessing we pulled out 50% less trash this year than in previous years, and I think we’re starting to create a critical mass that’s helped a paradigm shift take place in how people treat the Clackamas River.

We had KOIN 6 news, out KPAM AM talk radio and a few other media outlets. Most exciting this year though is the Ripple Effect. We have a group of 15 artists this year that will be making Fine Art from the trash pulled out of the river. Last year was the first time we integrated artists and had 5 artists... the Art show had almost twice the amount of people come as that showed up to the River Cleanup (that’s 500-600 people); 80% of the art on display sold! Pretty amazing. You can learn more at

Check out the video from this year’s cleanup...

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