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Oct. 5, 2010
Clif Bar and the Climbing Bum Adventure
When Drew LaPlante and Alex Biale reached out to Clif Bar back in the late spring, we here at Clif had no idea about what kind of summer style adventure they were soon to be embarking on.

Judging from the adventures they have along their journey to date, it sounds like it’s been a great one; and never shy for food or frivolity to keep the routes a flowing. Chalked full of fun and endless enthusiasm, this dynamic duo has had one heck of road trip. Check out their tales from the road and look to these cats to inspire some additional adventures of your own before the seasons start to turn. Big ups to Drew and Alex for sharing the Clif love along the way! Keep on sending boys. We’ll see you upon your return.

TEAM CLIF BAR and 27Crags 1

The new climbing company known as 27Crags has hired two “Rock Climbing Bums” to embark on a three-month-long adventure across western North America, in search of the greatest rock climbing crags and the discovery of new climbing areas! It has been nine weeks of travel so far, and the adventure has been just that!

27Crags is a new site for rock, mountain and ice climbers who can keep track of their ‘ticks and to-dos,’ generate info about their local crag, blog about their climbing adventures and find local climbers around the globe! The best part? It is free! 27Crags offers FREE online topos of crags all around the world, where every route is just one click away!

TEAM CLIF BAR and 27Crags 2

Our names are Drew LaPlante and Alex Biale, and we are two rock climbers from California -- now formally known as the ‘Sponsored Rock Climbing Bums!’ We, along with all the necessary climbing gear and CLIF BARs, are packed tightly in our car as we continue traveling across western North America in search of the best rock climbing we can find!

Our travels so far have taken us to the beautiful Lake Tahoe in northern California, where we climbed at the blue-streaked granite of the Star Wall, and the famous Lover’s Leap! From there we traveled north to Smith Rock in Oregon, where we not only climbed ridiculous amounts of sport, but found a sense of community within the beauty. A quick trip to Portland brought a new sense of love within the world as we made our way to Leavenworth in Washington. The town of Leavenworth offered tons of random adventuring, camping, exploring, and of course, climbing in the quaint Austrian-style town! Moving through the great city of Seattle had us on a direct route to Squamish in British Columbia, where we currently call our home.

TEAM CLIF BAR and 27Crags 4

Thousands of miles of beautiful terrain have created a life-changing adventure! The smiles of the thousands of people we have met along the way have had us sharing great stories and times with extraordinary people from around the world. We have shared our love of climbing, our love of Clif Bars, and our love of the world! Simple as that.

Our fingers our torn from ‘sending’ boulders and routes, but our spirits are high as we continue living on Clif Bars for energy, and sending happy vibes throughout the climbing world! To read more about our adventures and see all that 27Crags has to offer, please check out our blogs and sites!

A huge thank you to Clif Bar for helping make our trip a possibility, as well as all the adventurers out there! Continue to spread the love!

TEAM CLIF BAR and 27Crags 5

Peace.Love.Climbing.Clif Bar
Your climbing bums,
Drew and Alex
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B Cole
Team Clif Bar

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