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Sep. 19, 2011
Clif Bar at the 2011 City of London Race
The City of London Race took place on Saturday, September 10, and Clif Bar was there and in on all the action. Here with a recap is our very own Craig Woodman.

It was a strange feeling driving into the ghost town that is central London’s financial district on a Saturday morning. That weirdness continued as I pulled into a huge housing estate to find the event headquarters and registration area. I was immediately struck by the mix of architectural styles – from futuristic looking high-rise concrete apartment blocks connected by sky walkways to ancient chapels and waterways. It all looked a little crazy, but these surroundings and backdrop were perfect for orienteers to test their mettle.

The City of London Race 2

Then followed a frustrating 45 minutes driving around London backstreets seeking out a parking place, one that allowed me to park for more than 30 minutes.

I eventually found a spot and hurried back to event base. By the time I had returned the hungry competitors and staff were already circling the booth and the morning unfolded to be busy from start to finish. The different courses – long, short and childrens dictated different start times and resulted in a steady flow of both pre- and post-race nibblers as they came to claim their free bar.

The City of London Race 1

Situated as I was, in the heart of the event base, I could not fail to notice the vast contingent of overseas runners. Having received a listing in an international trail-running magazine as one of the, "Top 10 races to experience before you die," there were competitors present from Spain, Norway, Sweden, USA, Germany, Netherlands and even South America.

In typical English fashion, the rain did arrive, but remarkably not until the last few runners were coming home. Speaking afterwards to slot of the competitors, it was clear what a successful and enjoyable day it had been – one in which Clif Bar had played its part. All I had to do now is remember where I parked the van…
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