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Mar. 17, 2006
Clif Bar goes to Hollywood
A very suave KevinLast Friday was pretty quiet. Sure, Fridays are usually pretty quiet around here; we work a 9/80 schedule which means that every other Friday the office is about half its usual capacity. But last Friday wasn’t like every other Friday; in retrospect, I think it's fair to say that most of the emptiness was due to the fact that the night before had been hour first annual Clif Idol. And boy was it interesting.
Well actually, the official title of the event was Tacos, Tequila, and Talent so you can bet your bottom dollar that Clif Bar and friends were a-rockin' and a-rollin' to the many talents Clif people had to share. Our illustrious finance department, whose grand idea it was to put on the event, glamorously converted our auditorium into a Hollywoody-tinsel strewn, red-carpet covered Kodak Theater.

Starting off the night was a team of double-dutchers jumping to Criss-Cross in vintage sweat-suits. After them, came a slew of guitar players, country singers, spoken-word poets, and even a hip-swayin, lei-strewn hula dancer. Fourteen acts and two hours later, the audience was presented with the grand finale—fabric wavered in the air, dancers leapt across the stage, and the occasional dumbfounded participant danced in a circle on the corner of the stage; all of which, mind you, was performed to the tune of "Age of Aquarius" (40-Year-Old Virgin anyone?).

Within about 30 seconds, most of the audience members (who, like myself, were too shy to strut their stuff during the show) jumped up on stage to dance right along side all of the talent that had just performed before us. It sure was nice to see all of my co-workers letting their hidden talent seep from their pores.

Randy, Paula and SimonAnd a Clif Idol event wouldn't have been complete without Randy, Paula, and Simon, played by our very own Sheryl, Georgia, and David—in that order. With all of the amazing acts, the one that caught the judges’ attention the most was the hip-hop dance number of Soy-Mix-A-Lot and the Compost Nation! I guess the work we do in the classes offered here really can pay off.

Maybe I'll just have to take up hip-hop to prepare for next year.

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