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Mar. 6, 2008
Clif Bar heads to Tahoe

The Clif Bar Ski trip was last weekend. 160 of us descended upon Lake Tahoe, CA, skiing, boarding, snow shoeing, ice skating, basically taking over Northstar in full force .

In fact, at one point there were sixteen of us heading down the mountain together, at the same time, sharing the slopes with all sorts of folks, including a few boarders competing in the Vans Triple Crown. While the majority of Clifs-ters are skiers (as deduced from a chair lift ride this very day and up for debate), those boarders managed to wow some of our wool socks off. In fact, TCB athlete Andy Finch was out there flying through the air, too.

I’m more of a beach bunny than a snow bunny so putting me on skis is always a bit of a gamble. Soon after I loaded and docked into my parabolic rentals, I found myself bombing black diamonds, dodging trees, hitting moguls…I was riding with the big dogs and had to hang with the big dogs…right?

Just take a look at the photo.

One word: intimidating.

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Amy, Miss Web Gal
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