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Apr. 16, 2007
Clif Bar journeys to Sea Otter
Three of our determined ridersOn Monday, April 9th, 2007, five of Clif Bar's NorCal reps embarked on an experimental journey, riding their bikes from Clif headquarters in Berkeley, all the way to Monterey, CA for the annual Sea Otter Classic. I didn't receive Peter's emails until yesterday, apparently the hotel had a pretty dodgy internet connection. He promises to write a whole recap of the experience in the next few days. Until then, these will have to do. Better late than never.

April 9th, 2007—The humble bicycle

For all of the amazing things that people do on bicycles, I swear, the power of a bike to simply take you from one place to another is still one of bicycling's most amazing qualities. The 'humble bicycle' really is just that, even though it can be so much more.

I love all sorts of bike riding but I especially love bike riding when it replaces car driving. So, when I thought about making the annual pilgrimage to the Sea Otter Classic this year I thought… 'Man, wouldn't that be sweet to ride all the way down there instead of driving?! I mean really, I'm not so concerned about racing, I love replacing driving with biking, it's only 130 miles… why not?!'

So, I checked in with the rest of the Field Marketing crew for Clif Bar here in NorCal and sure enough, I found a group of people committed to pedaling all the way to Monterey and I even convinced the extra hands coming in for the weekend to join the ride—we're all gonna be commuting by bike to and from Sea Otter each day from our hotel in Monterey! Woo-hoo!!!

I love watching bike races and I love me a good race myself but I really hope that we set an example for all of the bike racers at Sea Otter; bikes can be just as useful for fighting global warming as they can be for recreation and sport. Bikes are a fun, healthy, viable form of transportation and… they take you places!

Check back to see where our bikes have taken us on our way to the Sea Otter—we're leaving in three hours!

One less car,

Peter B, Melbove, JD, Bliss, JBlair

April 11th, 2007—Arrival

Hello from Monterey!

We rolled into town yesterday after two long but fun days on the bikes. Curse those pesky coastal hills but BLESS that amazing north-south tailwind! If it wasn't for that wind power we'd have surely pedaled into Santa Cruz after dark on day 1. We're also thankful for BART getting us across the Bay—hey, at least we're not driving!

Ya know, if we would have driven instead of biked we wouldn't have stopped multiple times to eat and take in the scenery. We wouldn't have gazed at California's picturesque coastline for hours on end. We certainly wouldn't have arrived in Monterey absolutely exhausted from the journey but I promise you that if we HAD driven, we would not have been hugging, smiling and high-fiving in the parking lot of the hotel.

We wouldn't have waved to people in route. We wouldn't have taken a wrong turn and been the better for it. All it would have been was—a drive. Nothing more. And now— we've got new friends, newfound inspiration for the future of our planet, a new understanding of the communities we rode through and a whole new outlook on an event that I've been to for the past 10 years! And technically, Sea Otter hasn't even started yet!!!

Tomorrow's the first day of the event and our daily-commute group is already growing. We'll have newcomers on board tomorrow and I'm sure the numbers will continue to grow each day. It is only 9 miles to the venue and back—why not go by bike instead of car?!

We're excited to share all of this and we'd love to ramble about the merits of biking and all the revelations each of us had on the journey down here but… we're also hungry and tired and we have to get up earlier than normal since we're biking to work the Clif Bar booth at the Sea Otter tomorrow :. These are the sacrifices we make, the inconveniences we must overcome.

The Clif crew

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