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Apr. 19, 2011
Clif Bar Pace Team at the Boston Marathon
It was a busy weekend for us here at Clif Bar. Aside from the Sea Otter Classic, a bunch of us headed over to Boston for the Boston Marathon.

Although the Clif Bar Pace Team was not actually pacing the marathon, many of our pace leaders were there to run the race and reconnect with old friends from marathons past.

Boston Marathon - Clif Bar Pace Team

To help celebrate the momentous feat of running the Boston Marathon, we thought it would be fun to throw a little pre-race celebration for those that the Pace Team has helped qualify over the years. On Saturday night, about 200 runners joined us at City Table for some yummy food, cold Harpoon beer and Karaoke. What’s a good party without karaoke, after all?

We had a playlist of about 100 running related songs, including favs like Born to Run, Running on Empty and Going the Distance. Pace leader Star sang a duet with husband/pace leader Darris.

And speaking of stars, Olympic Gold medalist and two-time Boston Marathon champion Joan Benoit Samuelson drop by to say hello and share a few words of wisdom. Judging by this year’s record setting results, her advice and good vibes must have spread well beyond the walls of our party.

Congrats to all the finishers and hope to see you again next year!
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