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Aug. 19, 2008
Clif Bar Pro Triathlete, Cam Dye, Continues to ROCK the Tri Scene!

Colleen Cooke here, Clif Bar & Company field marketing rep in Boulder, Colorado sending you all warm greetings from Colorado where the snow is already falling! Yes, folks, snow hit the high country last weekend just as a nice little reminder of the “global weirding” going on!

Well, I received another race report from one of our favorite local Boulder triathletes. Though he may be delayed in writing his updates, I do enjoy seeing him out on the roads training—he passed me last week climbing up to Jamestown (a local favorite ride that's absolutely gorgeous!). So without further adieu here are a few words from Cam.

“Another Scene”: Boulder Peak, Boulder, CO 7/20/08

If you wanted to see the who's who of our wonderful sport of triathlon, you needed to be out at the Boulder Reservoir on Sunday. Two current Olympians, two past Olympians, two former world champs, three current USA national team members and a bunch of really fast dudes. Race started fast with the swim being much faster than last year, not sure if we felt better or if we just were trying to beat the heat but a group of four of us came out of the water with a little gap back to Big Matty Reed. It was definitely not big enough as Reed went by us before we got to Old Stage Road (KILLER climb on the bike course) and never looked back. For a guy who’s big race (that would be a little thing we call The Olympics) is a month away he looked in amazing form. The bike is tough with the big climb and it always seems to be a battle of waiting 'til after the climb or attacking from the start. I chose the later and in the end paid for it a bit on the run. Came off the bikes in 5th but was quickly run down by "Robo" Peter Robertson, a two-time Olympian. The run was the standard for the Peak, hot as Hades and not a breeze to be had. We trudged along, myself not fairing so well and dropping to 13th in the end and pretty much thinking the race had been a disaster.

But when I looked at the results my time from this year would have been 5th last year, and part of my disappointment was simply from the ridiculous quality of the field. No matter, I still love that race, waking up in my own house and rolling out of bed to go race the best in the world. What more could you ask for?

Ha, maybe next year a few more of the locals will stay asleep on the Peak morning.

Train hard, race fast!
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