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Nov. 20, 2008
Clif Bar Softball Team Finally Wins!

We've had a softball team for just about 5 years. David started working here in 2002 and started the team in 2003; we've been trying to get to the playoffs and actually win them the entire time.

Ladies and gentlemen, Tuesday night, we won. The odd’s were stacked against us as we had to play not one but two games back to back just so we could be crowned the Co-ed Berkeley Winter League Champions. We beat the Cabrewers (it was a fluke they made it to the playoffs, anyway) and the Salerno's. Yes, their name is tough, because they are tough.

The first game against the third place Cabrewers (aka the “Pink Team,” thanks to their pink uniforms and socks...) started off great. It was cold and foggy and Clif Bar jumped off to an early lead, never looking back and cruising to a 18-6 win. Timely hits and great defense is, after all, one of the keys to success on the softball field.

The championship game started right after the semi-final as Clif Bar squared off against the Salerno’s. David went Yahtzee on a three run bomb driving in Jordan and Kristee to take an early lead. The game did get heated as one Salerno player started chirping at our Left Fielder “Gusto” but all it did was unite and rally our team. Turns out hitting really is contagious as everyone jumped on the hit parade. Kate, Victor, Gusto, Sam and Jessica were constantly getting on base for The Power, David and Jimmy James.

We, as always, had that “one” dreadful inning in which everything would go wrong on defense.

It started as a lazy fly ball was lost in the lights and seemed to find a hole in our Leftfielder's glove. We then took a page out of the Bad News Bears and started throwing balls away and kept giving the Salerno’s hope. In the end, the Salerno’s climbed back to a one-run deficit into the top of the fifth.

Most teams would have folded like a cheap tent and given away the championship but Coach Weil and Joey B added some much needed insurance with timely hits and RBI’s in the late innings to crawl out to a two run lead going into the bottom of the 7th. Very exciting.

We fought to stay afloat and take home the chrome. Final score: Clif Bar 14, Salerno's 12.

So the reigning champions of the Berkeley League, weren’t the champs Tuesday night.

We were.

Enjoy the pic. We're all basking in our win. Lot's of high fives and stuff like that.
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