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Apr. 6, 2011
CLIF Bars and New Belgium Brews at the Urban Assault Ride in Tucson
What do you get when you combine costumes, bikes, beer and CLIF Bars on a 28 mile scavenger hunt? A fun-filled day on one of the first stops of the Urban Assault Ride tour, of course! While we were getting washed away with winter storms here in NorCal, our Arizona Field Marketing crew have been living it up, Clif Bar style, under the Tucson sun.

Clif @ Urban Assault Ride in Tucson 2

Do you ever wonder what happens on a cycling scavenger hunt? A few weeks ago in Tucson, the Arizona Clif Bar & Company Field Marketing crew got to find out exactly what happens when New Belgium Brewing put on the Urban Assault Ride where hundreds and hundreds of local cyclers grabbed their best friend, dressed in wacky costumes, and hit the streets.

Clif @ Urban Assault Ride in Tucson  3

During the 28-mile course, these weekend warriors completed tasks at each checkpoint including powersliding across an inflatable slip-n-slide. Of course with Clif and New Belgium on site, the party got started after the race - the beer pairing well with CLIF MOJO bars.

Music, dancing, and competitions continued through the afternoon while full-sized adults raced throughout a slalom course on bikes fitted for a three-year old, really stirring up the crowd. Lucky winners of a mustache and dance contest won boxes of CLIF Bars, ending a day of fun competition.

Clif @ Urban Assault Ride in Tucson 1

Clif is a proud supporter of the Urban Assault, which is touring nationwide. So be sure find us in your region, grab a CLIF bar and say hello!

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