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Oct. 27, 2011
Climber Cedar Wright on Clif Bar’s Day of Action
Following Clif Bar’s Day of Action on October 1, Team CLIF Bar climber Cedar Wright submitted this video. Cedar was one of the participants in the Access Fund’s Day of Action event and created this piece based on his experience.

As Ceedy puts it, “I had the pleasure of taking part in Clif Bar's Meet the Moment 'Day of Action,' which partnered with the Access Fund and their 2011 National Access and Stewardship Summit to do some trail work at North Table Mountain -- the local climbing area of Golden Colorado. Clif bar and The Access Fund are both committed to preserving and respecting the outdoor places where we play, so I feel very lucky to be able to help out in my small way.”

We at Clif continue to be inspired by the people we work with and their passion for protecting the places we play! Big thanks to Cedar for sharing his time and his energy in capturing this day.

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B Cole
Events, Sustainability, Team Clif Bar

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