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Jul. 2, 2008
Colorado Athletes are standing on Podiums and Getting it Done!
Colleen, our Colorado Field Rep, shares a few words about some pretty stellar athletes she supports.

Since National TEAM Clif Bar is oober-packed with super stars, my role as Clif Bar & Company Field Marketing Rep for the Boulder/Denver region took a new angle and I decided to dabble in a new game called “Athlete Sponsorship.” So in addition to developing fun Clif Experiences with Race Promoters, I get to work with some inspiring athletes to help them spread “Clif Love.” And may I say that I have done so without regret! Keeping it small, I have two pro triathletes and one US wildwater team member, and they have ALL served as amazing Clif ambassadors!

The kayaking season is coming to a slow end as the flows slow, but Jeremy Rodgers (US Wildwater team member and Clif athlete) has been working hard to give back to his community by volunteering at races, like the Real Deal Adventure race—a two-day race across the rugged Colorado terrain on bike, foot, kayak and ropes and navigated all by map and compass. This, however, wasn’t an ordinary adventure race as teams were comprised of 5 racers, 2 of whom had significant physical disabilities. Jeremy prepped some of the less-abled teammates for repelling adventures, coaching them before they attempted to navigate their way down the 70-foot clif—pretty awe inspiring given the disabilities some of these athletes have. They definitely didn't let it stop them from taking on such a great feat.

Here’s what Jeremy had to say about the experience:
I've done over 60 adventure races to date and never have I seen an entire group of newbie rappellers stand confidently at the top of a line and just go for it. Several paraplegics even swam back across the class 2-3 rapid wave train to speed up their teams departure rather than waiting for the raft to pick them up from the 400 foot zip line.

On the other hand, the triathlon season is in full swing and Kylie Ramsey and Cameron Dye are busy juggling training schedules and peaking for their key events.

On June 7 Kylie raced the Highlands Ranch Triathlon—okay, so she didn’t just race, she CRUSHED IT! Here is what the fabulous and fast Kylie had to say about her race:

“What a fun race! Known for its fast course, I was looking forward to seeing if I could break the current course record. The bike was almost flat with gradual inclines and declines that made for fast speeds. The run was an out and back with a downhill on the way out and an uphill on the way back. I smashed the current course record by over 7 minutes and was the first overall female with a time of 1:05."

Ummm… YEA… this girl is going places --- FAST!

And to keep things interesting she stepped up to the Half Ironman distance for her first time in Kansas and “played” with some serious pros! Keep your eye on this gal because she is one FAST Coloradoan! Speed on, Kylie, and keep making us proud!

Meanwhile, another Colorado Tri Star, Cameron Dye, took on a few races of his own, including Escape from Alcatraz. Although the currents weren’t as promising as the race directors had hoped, Cameron got lucky with the unusual burst of sun that happened to hit San Francisco for race weekend. He ended up grabbing third out of the water, finished the bike in 7th place and managed to run well enough to finish 11th overall.

These three are not only OUTSTANDING athletes with stats to prove it but they are flat out super genuine folk that you just want to hang with! They have each provided some race updates and if you ask me—we really need to keep an eye on these two because they are rocking the tri scene!
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