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Aug. 24, 2013
Colorado Kitchen Confidential - Part 5
Yesterday we talked about how the red quinoa that the Garmin team kitchen chefs prepared for the team is a sort of wonder food when it comes to providing beneficial nutritional elements for cyclists. Apparently it worked, as Garmin-Sharp riders Andrew Talansky and Tom Danielson both ended up on the podium after today’s intense individual time trial up Vail Pass. What do Barb and Chris have in store for the team to ensure that they are at their best for stage 6?


Check out Friday’s menu:

Mediterranean halibut
Nicoise salad
Black rice salad
Red cabbage with fennel and orange
Red rice

I know what you’re thinking…halibut for recovery protein, red and black rice for carbs, veggies for some vitamins and minerals. And, that’s all true. But, this time around we tricked you and hid the sleeper ingredient in the Nicoise salad. It’s the cute little caper.

Capers are edible flower buds popular in Mediterranean dishes and most often served pickled. Aside from packing an intense flavor punch, capers are loaded with many different types of flavonoids that are generally known to be powerful antioxidants. Different flavonoids can have different affects, but they range from having anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-cancer, and anti-diarrheal characteristics.

While there is no guarantee that eating capers will allow you to ride at 25 mph uphill for twenty-five minutes, we can all agree that eating foods that help fight off a bunch of bad things is probably a pretty good idea. Now get out there and eat some capers!
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