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Feb. 26, 2009
Comparison Test—TCB Salsa Podio vs. Generic Aluminum Walker

On Saturday morning I had the misfortune of ending my race season before it really got started.

I ran out of talent on a slippery descent and, presto, I turned my right femur into more than one piece.

So I’m out of action for some time and, needless to say, it’s a bit of a bummer.

But in an effort to turn my vat of sour lemons into a charming river of delicious, refreshing lemonade I’ve spent a little time today doing a comparison review that I’m sure you’ll all find quite useful. Seemed obvious enough to me that, after spending the last month on one of the best road bikes I’ve ever had the pleasure of riding, I’d compare it to what I’m going to be riding for the foreseeable future—my sweet TCB-logo’d walker.

Here’s what I’ve found out so far about the two rides.

For the most part, the TCB Salsa Podio runs away with this little competition.

  • My Salsa is way better looking than my new walker. When I look at the Podio I get excited; when I look at the walker I get sorta depressed. My Podio’s got a cool team-issue paint job that matches the TCB kit that Capo put together for us. When I wear the team kit with my walker I just look silly.

  • The Salsa goes faster than a hobble.

  • When I ride the Salsa, I can talk to birds. Lightning hits me but doesn’t hurt me. People smile and wave and offer me cookies when I ride by. In comparison, the limited amount of neat stuff that’s happened since I’ve gotten the walker has much more to do with the medication I’m on.

The walker does have its own upside:

  • It’s the only way I can make it to the bathroom (or anywhere else) for the next few weeks.
  • It smells like a hospital—sorta like the hospital food. Pretty yummy.
  • I can fold it up if need be with the push of a couple levers—definitely more easily packable than the Salsa if I ever need to take my walker to the out-of-state races.
  • And, once I learn the ways of the walker, I can challenge my 90-year-old neighbor Betty to a walker race to keep those competitive fires burning. Betty’s no joke, though. I’m pretty sure she’ll humiliate me.

So if I got to choose, I’d spend my time on the Salsa. No doubt about it. But since I don’t have a lot of say in the matter for a while, I’m going to make the most of my walker cross-training miles and dream of the day when I can get back on my bike.

I’m sure going to miss talking to birds.
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