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Nov. 18, 2011
Congrats to Clif Bar’s 2011 Meet the Moment Winners!
Over the course of the last few months, thousands of you came together to protect the places we play in Clif Bar's Meet the Moment campaign. You guys rule!

If you joined on the Meet the Moment journey, then you know Clif Bar & Company donated $5 to an organization dedicated to protecting the places we play simply by uploading your first moment. Well, we also told you that three grand prize winners would be chosen to embark on a trip of a lifetime (of their choosing!). Well, the time has finally come, and here are your three grand prize winners.

A huge congrats to Dean, Kate and Matt -- have a blast on your travels!

Dean K,
Location: Oregon (Crater Lake)
Title: "Change Your Perspective"

Dean K - Meet the Moment grand prize winner 1

Description: Backflip with a twist into chilly water…letting the sun heat your body while your adrenaline pumps through you is heaven on earth. I am reminded on why I am alive and what I am supposed to be doing here…I choose a different perspective.

Dean and his girlfriend are off to southeast Asia (starting and ending in Thailand) for a four month superadventure.

Kate M
Location: Oregon (Coast)
Title: "2 Bikes, 2 Toddlers, 1 Epic Family Adventure – Murrs Across America 2010"

Kate M - Meet the Moment grand prize winner 2

Description: Our family is like yours. We go in a thousand directions daily. But last year, we went one direction together for a long time. We biked from Florida to Oregon over four months with our 2 and 4-year olds. We turned unemployment into an adventure, potty trained across a continent, discovered America through our children's eyes. And we would do it again. Onward!

Kate and the Murrs are waiting until after the holidays to book their next great adventure.

Matt F
Location: Oregon
Title: "Shared Glory"

Description: Post cyclocross nationals, Bend, Oregon.

Matt F - Meet the Moment grand prize winner 3

Matt and his wife Ruth are headed for an amazing adventure in India.
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Chris Morell

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