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Oct. 12, 2007
Control Portion Size…with a Compost Bin
I love a good scone in the morning with a cup of coffee. I loathe low-fat scones because they taste like "pseudo-scone." I hate that a scone delivers a whopping amount of fat and calories and takes me 3 days to eat the whole thing, by which time it's completely dried out.

What do I do to remedy the scone quandary?

I break off the portion of that delicious scone that I want and as I walk by the compost bin, I throw the rest away. Yes, I said I compost it..

GASPs from the crowd!! That would be my depression-era Grandmother rolling over in her grave because she taught us not to waste food. GASP #2 !!! That would be my mother as she metaphorically watches me wad up my money and throw it in the compost bin with each crumb. GASP # 3!! From my friend who thinks I'm crazy and wants to know why I can't enjoy the whole thing.

To me, all those gasps over wasted food, money, or perceived experience are just fine because in the end, I get to enjoy this scone in a way the suites me. It's worth the extra cash to enjoy the flavor and the portion I want while increasing the nutritional content of my experience with a side of fresh orange slices or a cup of steamed milk.

The leap I'm asking you to make is to understand the concept of paying more for less. I'm paying for the portion I want to eat and the compost bin keeps me from going back for more. It's an ingenious way of balancing good nutrition and still enjoying what I want without eater's remorse and in the case of the scone, feeling over full and lethargic by 10:00am.

Paying more for less makes perfect sense when you apply it to portion control and quality. Take milk for example, I pay more to ensure I get high quality organic milk in individual, shelf-stable cartons. It just makes sense to pay more for a controlled portion of chocolate milk made without antibiotics or synthetic hormones.

If throwing the food out to control your portions still has you reeling (we really shouldn't waste food) share with someone or even two someones. This is also a great way to have your cake and eat it too. Order enough dessert so everyone gets to experience the sensuous flavors and bliss of post meal tastes with clean plates.

With portions getting larger and larger and it costing more to get good quality, these tricks let us enjoy the foods and flavors we want without overdoing it!

Posted by:
Tara, the RD
Food Matters

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