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Feb. 2, 2009
Corbin comes in segunda in Pucón 70.3
For the second time in as many years, Team Clif triathlete Linsey Corbin finished an impressive second place at Ironman 70.3 at Pucón, Chile.

Set in the South American nation’s beautiful Lake District with 2847 meter Volcán Villarrica as a backdrop, Pucón serves as an idyllic setting for what has become one of the most competitive early-season events on the multisport schedule. “Racing in Pucón is much more than just a race” said Linsey. “The people of South America are all friends, they are so excited to see you around town and shower you with hugs and smiles. The food is amazing, and you really have the opportunity to embrace the South American culture... one night we witnessed a wedding parade in central park at midnight!!! The city of Pucón is in a fabulous setting that reminds me a lot of Montana: mountains, rivers, lakes, sunshine. It truly is a gem!”

The racing was fast and furious from the start, with Corbin putting on an amazing swim. “I exited the water 4 minutes faster than last year, and much closer to my competition. A quick second to celebrate my mini-success and I was off on the bike on a mission to get myself to the front of the race. I can't say I felt great at all during the ride, I felt as if I had taken my bike out of its travel case and left my quads at home in Montana. But, this is all a part of the racing experience. Filling myself with some positive thoughts, I caught up to Heather (Gollnick) and put my head down and rode as best as I could. As the race went on, it became apparent I wouldn't be entering T2 with the 4-minute cushion I had in 2008. Heather and I entered the second transition together to a crowd of roaring Chileans telling us to "Vamonos!!" Off the bike and into my speedy Saucony's, I was off to conquer the most challenging run course on the circuit.

The downtown run course proved to be a difficult combination of hills and flats, with Corbin and Gollnick racing to a thrilling finish. “In the hills, I ran like a true Montana girl, putting time into my competitors. Onto the flats, and Ms. Montana's legs didn't know how to turn over. Up into the hills, and I would gain that time back. Into town, and Heather was getting closer.”

In the end, Gollnick would catch Linsey to win the race by a mere 26 seconds. “On Sunday, Heather was the better athlete, a true champion. At the end of the day, it was an incredible race. I swam 3 minutes faster, biked 2 minutes faster along with the fastest bike split, and ran 5 minutes faster than in 2007. All I can ask for is to do my best while I race, and I feel as I did just that on Sunday. To not win was a heartbreaker...but to be racing in such a fabulous country with such amazing people alongside me, I wouldn't change my day.”

Well said, Linsey! Congrats on a great finish…we can’t wait to see how the 2009 season unfolds!
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