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May. 9, 2008
Cow tippin’…well not really
Ah, a trip to the farm.

If I could, I would live on a farm among the animals. And, if I could pick a farm, I'd probably pick the Straus Family Creamery on the Tomales Bay. Those cows have it good.

The Clif Bar crew took a tour of the dairy farm earlier this week and got a look at the ins and outs of what makes their family-owned dairy farm churn (pun intended).

We visited with the calves and hung out with the cows lounging in the sun who were taking time off from getting milked. They were so cute, poking their heads through the fence to get a closer look at the strange two-legged creatures gawking at them.

Oh and we learned about the methane digester! Little known fact—methane digesters do not smell; not even one iota! Plus they make energy and this particular digester provides energy for the entire farm— so the cows fight global warming.

My photos give a little taste of what the farm tour was like; but if you really want to know where your food comes from and want to learn about a family that has stayed true to its roots (and is very successful because of it), check out the farm yourself if you can OR live vicariously through YouTube.


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