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Feb. 22, 2010
Crazy-Tape Joe Wins One in Sac and the Team’s off to a Fine Start

Maybe it has something to do with the crazy green bar tape – but whatever it is we’re all for it, cuz Joe Iannarelli is rippin’ it at the start of the 2010 season.

He nabbed the team’s first win of 2010 at the Cal Aggie Criterium in Sacramento, CA at the end of January.

Joe had this to say about the win:

“Well this was the first weekend of racing this year and you could say it went much different than expected.

After Saturday's mayhem of attacking or following attacks I was well worn out, but didn't really think much of it as it was still January. Sunday came and I decided to ride to the race while managing to get lost in what didn't look like the greatest part of town, but somehow stumbled upon the road to the race.

Finally the race began and the 2010 season was underway. First thing I noticed was an uncanny hot pace, with the majority of the race being single file. I tried to follow a few moves but my legs felt trashed. However, the rest of the team was pouncing on all the moves. That was essentially the whole race, attacks would go, the field would chase hard, and the pace was hot.
So I though what the heck, I'll just give the sprint a go. Lap cards came out, 5,4,3, move up some, 2, up some more, 1, moved up into third behind Cal Giant. Then right after the first switchback I just went and put in my all-out effort. I looked back and had my gap and just kept going around the final tight corner and all the way down the straight-a-way, trying to get the power to the pedals.

As I crossed the finish line I looked over and saw that I still had a clean pair of wheels, no victory solute, just put my head down and was glad the misery was over. I managed to coast over to a nearby spot and collapse. Thoroughly exhausted. Oh and yes I won.

Yet, this wasn't the only exciting news of the weekend. I hopped on board my new Spooky Skeletor on Friday and had a chance to race it on the weekend. Finally what I've been waiting for, an ultra stiff bike that just moves—it’s what got me down that final straight in a hurry. Till next time…”

“Next time” has been going pretty well too, with a string of solid results fueled by JD Bergmann’s aggressive racing. JD’s getting quite familiar with the view from NorCal podiums these days – and I’m guessing JD will be enjoying nice views all season. He’s riding well and folks “in the know” don’t think he’s anywhere near his peak. Sorta scary.

New additions Nate Freed & Eric Fischer have added top-10 finishes to the mix as well. And the team is riding like a team – I absolutely LOVE IT.

Here’s to another great season of bike racing!
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