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Aug. 14, 2008
Cross Season & CrossVegas Cometh
Around the TCB lair, when August rolls around, one’s fancies turn towards the endless joys of Cyclocross.

  • Gary & Rob at Capo have worked with us to put together what’s sure to be one of the slickest team kits we’ve ever unleashed on the unsuspecting cross world.

  • SRAM, Mavic, Orbea, Maxxis, Easton & Giro have all contributed to the ’08 effort and the whole madcap plan is coming together nicely.

  • TCB Cyclocross riders Troy, Danny & Brady are ready to rip.

  • Ben’s working hard on getting the Clif Bar Development Cross Team dialed in Boulder.

  • And we’re going to get the whole party started as a sponsor of CrossVegas on Wednesday, September 24th during the Interbike trade show.

  • Hell yeah.

The cross season is just plain fun. Loads of fun. Even more fun than slot machines & recycled air.

CrossVegas is such a nice addition to the time spent in Vegas for Interbike. The event offers an escape route of sorts to the outside world of Nevada where the night sky IS actually the night sky. The race venue, away from The Strip, offers a relaxing spot to watch some top-notch cross racing action while enjoying cold, tasty beverages and the race announcement skills of microphonical wonders Dave Towle & Richard Fries. There’s even real grass. And the race is a perfect spot for a lot of folks in the bike industry to witness their first bigtime cross race.

Last season it was interesting to learn that a good number of bike industry people who made it to CrossVegas had never actually seen a pro-level cross race before. I’m gonna bet that last year’s CrossVegas hooked a bunch of new cyclocross fans from the bike industry and this September’s event will continue to build the fan base even bigger and bigger and bigger—just like any Vegas hotel worth its weight in Susan Bs, precious stones and gold bullions.

CrossVegas promoters Chris Grealish and Brook Watts did a fine job of bringing the event to Vegas last season. The cross fanatical duo hatched the idea for CrossVegas after years of wondering why there was no bicycling at Interbike.

"We wanted to show the cycling world that cross could be held in even the most non-cross atmosphere of all—the Vegas desert climate," explained Grealish who has been organizing cross races since the late 80's.

Watts was easily convinced to jump on board, "We staged the 1979 cyclocross nationals in Austin Texas at a time when a full field was about 15 elite men so I knew we could do it anywhere."

What the pair didn't expect was such a first-year success with over 5,000 spectators in attendance including many industry heavyweights in the crowd. "We had reports of cross bike exhibitors writing big orders the next day at the show, now that says something about impact," Watts commented.

This year look for a bigger show but with the same dedication to doing it in a sustainable way including all beer sales in aluminum cans from Colorado's Dale's Pale Ale, a recycling effort for all materials, turf restoration and a shuttle bus system from The Sands convention center to Desert Breeze Soccer Complex to reduce the number of vehicles on the roads.

In '08, industry cross racers will get to join the mix in the Wheelers & Dealers race. You can bet there will be a few more Clif kits out on the course for that one.

Cross season & CrossVegas cometh—and we can’t wait!
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