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Aug. 16, 2007
Cyclocross Done Right
With the ‘07/’08 cross season right around the corner folks on this end are getting excited. One of the TCB programs that gets me most excited is last season’s TIAA-CREF/CLIF BAR Cyclocross Team that will be back for ‘07/’08 as the CLIF BAR Development Cyclocross Team. 

The program is one of the premier TCB junior development efforts and offers a great example of the TCB Sustainable Sports vision as well.  First and foremost I see this program as an effort to help develop junior athletes so that they can be the very best ambassadors that they can be for the sport of cycling; and so that their experiences through sport can play a role in developing these young athletes into well-rounded adults both on and off the race course.

I can’t tell you how proud I am to work with this program. From the team management to the athletes to the parents and sponsors who support the program this team sets a wonderful example of all that athletes can accomplish. I’ve said it many times before that I believe in athletes leading by example so it’s pretty cool to see a group of young athletes making such a well-rounded effort to do good.

Head over to YouTube to enjoy a video about the program.

And if you’re headed to Interbike this year be sure not to miss Excel Sports CrossVegas on Wednesday night, September 26th. The CLIF BAR Development Cyclocross Team will have a presence there along with the TCB Cyclocross and Luna Cyclocross programs. 

It’s going to be a fun start to the cross season!

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