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Dec. 8, 2005
Cyclocross Sumo Suit Challenge
As the one or two of you who actually read my entries may have noticed I took a bit of a hiatus from the wild world of blogging. Sure, I’ve got the usual excuses for my absence (the fame, the fortune, the gallivanting, the prison term...), but I’m not a big fan of excuses—so I’ll leave it at this: I’m left-handed.

It’s a busy time of year around these parts. Ever since Nancy got eaten by that lion we’ve been slammed in Team Clif Bar land. And this morning I’m off to Providence, RI to attend the Cyclocross National Championships. I hear it gets colder over there than it does here. Yup, even colder than it was outside the Cheeseboard in Berkeley at 7am this morning. Inconceivable.

This cross season, with the introduction of the Clif Bar Cyclocross Sumo Suit Challenge, the Cyclocross Nationals have become sort of a consolation round for all but the newly crowned Clif Bar Cyclocross Sumo Suit Challenge Champion, Gavin Chilcott. On a cool fall night in November, Gavin left the building with the beautiful Clif Bar Sumo Suit Challenge Champion’s buckle. It was a well earned reward for Gavin, who worked his way through the tourney to go head-to-head with Todd Wells in the final round.

With a full-house on hand to cheer for the wrestlers, the infamous Dung Beetles band rocking the building, and the very capable vocal chords of Dave Towle & Richard Fries hard at work, the Clif Bar Cyclocross Sumo Suit Challenge commenced and it was quite a sight to behold. With a wide range of competitive cycling industry personalities and numerous professional & amateur athletes on hand it was anybody’s guess who’d sport the custom buckle at evening’s end. McCormack and Sayers were the first two wrestlers to take the mat and from that point forward, the game was on.

Congrats to Gavin and to all who wrestled their little hearts out for a shot of pure glory. Sure, there was only one Champion’s Buckle, but in my book everyone was a winner that night—even our office's own Eric Walle, representing the Solano/Art’s Auto Cycling Team, who got beat by crafty Team Clif Bar Cyclocross rider Jesse Anthony. Jesse might weigh 130lbs after a good meal, and Eric suffered a rug burn to his forehead during their sparring.

Other than Eric nobody got injured, aside from pained stomach muscles from excessive laughter—odds are we’ll do it all again in ’06. Sometimes dumb ideas just rock.
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