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Nov. 8, 2006
Dave writes in
Green Cyclo-cross-erWe’ve got a guest-Blogger in the house. Maybe you can guess who it is, since he did sign the letter with his first name. But there are a lot of Daves out there, so it’s still a tad mysterious. I’ll give you all a few hints—this Dave is one of the best race announcers in the biz; he’s 8’ tall, he was on the pro European disc golf circuit back in the day and he uses the word “cottage” in sentences more than most folks.

They just might be onto something...

We had an amazing weekend here in Boulder on November 4th and 5th. There were some cyclo-cross races in town that were a part of the U.S. Grand Prix, the premier series in North America for this super fun sport CLIF has been really supportive of. I've been to a lot of races the last few years announcing, but only a select few have come close to being as exciting as the racing was on Sunday here in Boulder.

I'll post some links so you can read all about it, but the funny thing is, that isn't what inspired me to ask Dylan if I could "blog" on this site. I wanted everyone back at the office, and all the CLIF fans to know about the amazing and inspirational work that Ben Turner, along with the TIAA-CREF/CLIF BAR team, has been doing.

The races this past weekend had some unique and aggressive earth-friendly initiatives employed. Stu Gillespie and Bryan Smith, two racers on the TIAA-CREF/CLIF team ran the recycling/zero waste stations. It was actually a lot of work. They had help from all the guys on the team, but the bottom line was that with the zero waste/climate-neutral/venue restoration components the Boulder Cup will be remembered as a truly groundbreaking cycling event. I had a blast getting the guys from the team on the "mic", and keeping up to date with their efforts throughout the day. We had a McDonald's bag filled with food found, but Stu claimed he could compost most of it, and the crowd wildly cheered him on.

The bottom line for me was that Ben and his team inspired me to redouble my own efforts. I've found a lot of places I can improve, and actually have learned a lot from the team in the last few months. Getting this message out to the world through the guys is working, and that is so cool!

Thanks to everyone back at the Mother Ship, you have no idea how much your product and company is loved!

See ya at the races,


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