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Jul. 8, 2005
Dave Zabriskie Is The Man
By now you're well aware that Dave Zabriskie went down in the Team Time Trial at the Tour on Tuesday morning. My stomach twisted as I watched Dave hit the ground, his chances of spending more time in yellow sliding away alongside him. Ouch, in so many ways.


Dave and the CSC squad were on their way to posting the best time of the day when something happened – a touch of wheels, a bump of the fence, whatever it was it was bad and down went Dave. Man, bike racing can be brutal.


But bike racing can be fantastic, too. At this point it doesn’t really matter what happens with the GC guys – I'll always remember Stage 1, when Dave became the third American cyclist in Tour history to sport the yellow jersey. 


Last season in the Clif Bar Media Center, folks were treated to some stage-time from Dave. He spoke about his impressive 2004 Vuelta stage win. Guess I’d better get on the phone and schedule a 2006 'Evening with Dave Z'  event in the fall. 


Years ago, Dave raced with my Solano/Art's Auto teammate Jeff in Salt Lake City. As we rode up Immigration Canyon outside of Salt Lake last weekend Jeff told me about the day that a 16 year-old Zabriskie beat him to the top of the climb for the first time. Jeff hasn’t been surprised to see Dave succeed – seems like everyone who knew Dave back in Salt Lake knows that Dave’s capable of great things on the bike.

I wish Dave the speediest and most complete recovery. Hopefully he’ll be back on the bike to support Basso. And while his days in the yellow jersey may be over for now, I have a hunch this won't be the last time we see Dave in yellow.

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