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Feb. 18, 2009
Day 3: Stage 2 from the Road of the Tour of California
Will the rain stop...please? We were seriously having a month of late Spring weather in January. All things in the forecast for next week look beautiful why is it that the one week that spans the Tour of California has to be subject to flooding? It poured last night. All night and into the morning. To the point where the sound of the rain kept me awake for much of the evening.

We made our way towards the start of the race in Sausalito but were too close to the pros start time so we got stuck on the 101 South with the masses of traffic as they were closing down, yes closing down, the Golden Gate Bridge as part of the course for the day. Cars on the freeway came to a standstill and dozens of drivers abandoned their cars and went to the center of the freeway where we could look down the hill to our left and see the peloton coming up the winding road to the bridge. What a site. One of those once in a lifetime views.

I missed the first half of MASH’s ride today and all but the first three minutes of the pros as I had to go fill up on biodiesel and get more SHOT Gels for the crew at the Clif Bar HQ. I met the guys midpoint on Highway 1 and much to amazement the rain had lifted, briefly. Got the guys some food, replenished water bottles and then sped ahead of them to be ready for their arrival in Santa Cruz.

As I was driving South, I got a text message from Le Sensation American that read, “Nice stage win! That was slick! Please pass a big hearty CONGRATS on to Tom and the whole crew.” Having not been at the finish for the pros, I could only assume that meant a win for Garmin-Slipstream’s own Tom Peterson having heard a mid race report about where he was. Very, very, cool to grab a stage this early in the race!

While I was making my way into a partially cloudy Santa Cruz, the storm had once again caught up to MASH and was coming down on them in the form of hail. Yes, hail. And please don’t think that I’m their only support. We have another passenger van with plenty of hydration drinks, bars, Bloks and gels in addition to the occasional dry pair of gloves as a luxury item. To their misfortune, the storm just so happened to follow them into town where lightening lit up the sky upon their arrival.


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