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Jun. 10, 2010
Deep Fried CLIF BAR
Many of you may have been introduced to Southern California's Conejo Valley by way of the Tour of California. As you may recall, the area provided the hilly landscape that produced the most epic and action-packed stage of the race.

Well, the fellas from the Agoura Hills-based racing team Fast Friday have been riding that same loop on Friday afternoons for years – it’s where the team got its name. Well following last Friday's ride, Gary, the team’s notorious leader, was invited by some friends to eat at Leila’s , one of the region’s most popular and well-regarded restaurants. The establishment is one of the Valley’s true insider’s secrets, known for its creative menu, extensive wine list and regular one-off dishes created by experienced, open-minded cooks. The kitchen folks are so open to new ideas that they didn’t even balk when Gary presented them with a request inspired, no doubt, by at least a couple glasses of vintage central coast Pinot: “Would you guys mind deep-frying this CLIF BAR and serving it up à la mode?”

Deep Fried Chocolate Chip CLIF BAR and Ice Cream

To the casual observer, this might sound like a strange request. But Gary was simply making use of the ancient Cyclist Code of Conduct, tenet #14: ‘Always carry at least one CLIF BAR on your person whenever hitting the town on someone else’s terms.’ It’s a safety net of sorts.

The kitchen staff made Gary’s request a reality, and thus the night was capped with the enjoyment of a deep-fried Chocolate Chip CLIF BAR (you don’t abide by tenet #14 with a risky flavor like Apricot…you just can’t chance it.) and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Delicious. So, next time you are inspired -- Pinot or otherwise -- to experiment with one of our products, throw caution to the wind and do it. It just might turn out awesome. Like squeezing a Double Expresso CLIF SHOT energy gel into hot chocolate in the backcountry. Or dribbling Strawberry gel on top of a Peanut Butter CLIF BAR to create a makeshift PB&J. The list of possibilities is endless. What are you doing reading this blog post? Go outside and do something!
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From the Road, Team Clif Bar

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