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Apr. 12, 2006
Did you Sea the Otter?
Team CLIFIt happened again. As if it were planned. The Sea Otter Classic, in Monterey, CA. Not only the world’s largest gathering of athletes riding two-wheeled contraptions (road, mtb, ramp, trial, downhill, slalom, cross country…) but it’s a helluvan expo to boot. Bikes, helmets, tires, wheels, breaks, shox, bars, apparel, shoes, socks, evening- wear, food, drinks, gels, gagets, GIZMOS! I'm fine. 
My 6th year at the event, I was down there with the CLIF BAR crew to take part in the Industry Cup—a just for fun/braggin’ rights sort of deal (for some). Two weeks of rain leading up to the event had us all dreaming in vivid shades of brown; lava-like mud flows, broken bones and potential blood oozing from every imagined turn. Oh well, we’re semi-young and relatively stupid, so why the heck not?!

We’re still searching for adjectives to describe the downhill; 'muddy’ doesn’t quite do it justice. I hadn’t even made it to the first turn and I’d already had my first dismount. In total, I RAN about 1/3 of the course, carrying my bike over the seas of sludge, fell off to the left 3 times, off to the right twice and went head over the handlebars once. The lungs were burning and the mud was sticky, but the sun was out and in the end I didn’t break anything (including speed records, but that goes without saying), so I’ll take it. The dried mud did hold back any bleeding that would have surely occurred however, and left my arms and legs enviably soft once washed away. So that was nice.

Beyond the cakey riding we did on Sat. and Sun.,CLIF was there to show-off and share some of our hottest products, new and old. Atop the current hot list are SHOT BLOKS—energy gummies that serve the same purposes as CLIF SHOT gel. Totally addicting. The SHOT BLOK fervor officially broke its fever at our annual Saturday afternoon bash on the green. The BLOK Party.

Beer flowed, schnax were gnoshed, LUNA CHIX signed autographs and stories of the day were exchanged. Always a good time, but this year we added something new: Projectile products in the form of a BLOK toss.Double Rainbow

  1. Find a partner.

  2. Grab a bag of SHOT BLOK.

  3. Toss a BLOK at your partner’s face in hopes your partner will see the BLOK coming AND open their mouth at the very same time.

Objective: catch the BLOK in your mouth. If you’re successful, you move on to the next round where everyone backs up and tries it from a greater distance.

Think ‘egg toss’ with the added opportunity for choking. Good times. Dave Towle and our own Dylan let it rip on the mics as our ‘tossers’ showed off their skills.

When we ran out of room, we resorted to the "Double Rainbow" to increase difficulty. Both tossers simultaneously threw a BLOK to their partner, so that their BLOKS passed midair, at the top of the 'rainbow'. In the end, only two guys made the sweet double and the BLOK toss was won.

Then we danced.

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