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Jan. 23, 2006
Dog Day Afternoon
Snoring isn't something you'd expect to hear in a workplace environment. I've read a lot about forward-thinking companies that offer napping rooms for employees. As fabulous as this place is, Clif Bar doesn't offer that benefit just yet. (Though you can catch a few minutes of shut-eye at the end of a yoga class, if you're lucky.);

But here in my pod/cubicle-esque desk area, there's the slow rumble of snoring. And, it's my own fault, but it's not coming from me. I've entered the hallowed ranks of puppy parenthood. Miss Janie Sparkles has joined my family, and therefore the larger Clif Bar family. My partner and I adopted her from French Bulldog Rescue Network just last week.

Today's her second day accompanying me to the office and she's getting along super well with everyone, including Ruthie, Scrubby, Otto and Tucker.

It's actually her third trip to Clif Bar. After her foster mommies and a FBRN representative (who's got a fabulous food blog) came to visit our home, they wanted to make an office visit, just to check out her future friends and where she'd be hanging out during the day.

I'm sure all the love and attention she gets from everyone and the playing with canine friends suit her just fine, but I'm loving the walks outside in sunshine every few hours. Recently, I've gotten so into my work that I forgot the sun's out there all day long!

Back to work, now. And, back to snoring.
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