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Jul. 11, 2005
Dog Days of Summer
This one's from right outside the kitchen:

Clif Bar is a very dog-friendly place. We have a few long-time residents who I have grown to know and love. Scrubby, a stocky, charcoal, older fellow who roams about searching for whatever food he can find. Just last week, he stole someone's bagel at our company meeting!

Another familiar face is Grover. He is a tall, lanky, mellow dude that quietly follows my boss around. (You can see his picture on the Contact Us page.) Mick, who I have know since he was a pup, is a goofy and wild-haired Australian Shepard who bounces around the office from time to time.

Since I work next to the kitchen, I only bring my dog, Mia, once in a while. The smells coming from the kitchen into my office can be too much for her to handle. She excitedly smells every nook and cranny she can stuff her big nose into looking for the source of the food smells. In fact, most Clif dogs have a hard time resisting the kitchen kitchen smells - so we keep them out so they don't get into something that they shouldn't - like chocolate!a guilty Otto

Well, just the other day, Otto came wandering by. He is kind of a newbie around here - a beautiful, sleek Vizsla, who I had not met before. Quickly, I escorted him away from the kitchen, but I think he had gotten a little over-excited by the smells and the new faces because he suddenly started peeing everywhere, including all over MY SHOES! 

His owner, Brad, ran to my rescue. He was very embarrassed and apologetic and helped me mop up the floor.

"It's no big deal", I told him, "just another (dog) day at Clif Bar!"

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