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Aug. 25, 2009
Double Fisted Power Explosion…
We’re an active bunch. We like fresh air and we like to move. Some like to pedal around; while others like to walk or surf or hike or swim or run…a lot.

In fact, this weekend, 14 of us are venturing off to the land of endurance events to participate in the largest running relay in the world—The Hood to Coast.

The race starts Friday and will take our dogged group of twelve runners (and two drivers!) over 24 hours to collectively run the 200 miles. That’s the nature of a relay—it’s all about teamwork. We’ll be running from Mt. Hood to Seaside, Oregon—a scenic, and, supposedly, quite hilly, course. Each of us will run at least three legs during the race. Fun!

If you’re running this weekend, Team CLIF Bar will make sure you and the other 11,999 runners are fueled with enough food and fun to make it to Seaside.

Keep your eyes peeled at the start line for the CLIF Bar booth; we’ll be sampling CLIF SHOT products and handing out goody bags filled with all sorts of vittles from CLIF——SHOT BLOKS, SHOT Gel and MOJO bars.

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere (perhaps, near leg 23) there'll be a CLIF Bar disco party to get you grooving through the night.

We’ll also celebrate with you at the finish line with Mojo for everyone!

And one more tip for those H2C runners reading this (and others just looking for an entertaining vid); our team has a not-so-secret handshake. It goes like this:

Find one of the TEAM CLIF Bar runners sporting the snazzy uniform featured in the video and do the handshake with them. Why? To get more CLIF product or, maybe even some CLIF swag (pending what you pull out of our secret-handshake treasure chest).

See you out there!
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