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Apr. 12, 2006
Dragnet in CLIF BAR parking lot
I arrived at work today to find the streets around our building blocked off by police cars. As I drove around the corner and into our parking lot, I saw armored SWAT teams, more police cars, and the Mobile Task Force busses in the back of the lot.

Even though I was in bike shorts and flip-flops, anticipating joining my spin class, I was very concerned and curious about what was going on.

It seems that there was an armed man, holding some people hostage at knife point in an apartment about a half block down the street. Not your everyday occurrence.

Now it’s 7:20pm and the SWAT team is still out there. I even went online to look for some local news  but came up empty handed. It’s pretty scary to think that those people are still in there with their captor.

Here’s hoping the outcome will be peaceful, but right now, it’s not looking so great.
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Mary Kate
Office Life

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