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Apr. 26, 2006
Earth Day takes Manhattan
When you think about it, Earth Day and Muppets have quite a bit in common. They’re both in at least 3 movies, they’re both green and furry, they’re both there when you feel like hugging something and they both contain exactly six consonants. But wait, there’s more.
I’m still reeling from the 5 days that were our Green Apple Adventure. From April 18th through the 23rd, I and an earthbound band of CLIF & LUNA banditos stormed the streets of Manhattan as part of both Earth Day NY and the Green Apple Music Festival. Basically, a big 2-day festival celebrating all products nice and natural—good for you and for the Earth; foods to fuels to fauna—enshrouded by 3 straight days and nights of grass roots music and mayhem. We were there to share samples (like 100,000 of them!), spread the word on our global cooling initiatives and celebrate Earth Day—rock-n-roll style. Not a bad gig.

The Green Apple Music Fest kicked off with the Jammy’s (or the jam band version of the Grammy’s) on Thursday night, and rocked on from there, right into the Theatre district, over to Carnegie Hall, through the racks of the Garment district, past CBGBs and into the streets behind Grand Central. More than 60 bands playing in 30 of NY’s finest halls for over 3 days made for some amazing buzz. Bela Fleck to Blues Traveler, Dweezil Zappa to Great Big Sea, even a Guster, Frampton and Sexton trio at the Garden doing a 10-minute version of Do You Feel Like We Do—absolutely amazing. The thought of evening music might have been the only thing keeping us on our feet for close to 20 hours a day. Well, that and CLIF products, of course.

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