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Nov. 7, 2006
E.A.T San Francisco
E.A.T to the rescue!On Tuesday November 14th at 7pm, TEAM CLIF BAR sponsored climber Timmy O’Neill will bring his Environmental Action Tour (E.A.T.) to San Francisco’s Cowell Theater.

The evening’s guests include Kipchoge Spencer of XtraCycle and TEAM CLIF BAR sponsored skier Alison Gannet who'll play a leading role in the CLIF Bar Save Our Snow (S.O.S) Tour set to launch this January. 

A bit about the CLIF Bar S.O.S. Tour:

Using an environmentally-friendly RV fueled by vegetable oil the CLIF Bar S.O.S Tour will visit ski resorts throughout North America to inform thousands of winter sports enthusiasts about all they can do to help stop global warming and its impact on winter sports. At each tour stop, Alison, who operates her own environmental consulting firm, will present a multimedia show featuring highlights from her ski adventures that also tie in to her sustainability efforts.

Odds are good that the CLIF Bar S.O.S. Tour will be one of the topics Timmy and Alison touch upon during the E.A.T. evening.

The E.A.T. event is sure to be a fun, colorful evening that may even border on the bizarre. The event supports 1% For The Planet and it will offer a great opportunity to see two of the TCB sponsored athletes "doing good" as ambassadors for their sports and for the places where we all love to play.

Check out the E.A.T website to find out how to snag tickets and find other locations where you can spot Timmy and the tour.

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