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Jun. 12, 2006
Eating with the Pool
exhibit 1I'm a member of an elite carpooling team. Together, Nicole, Chris, Bentley, Grady, Amy and I conquer road rage, the carpool lane, gas prices, bridge tolls, and our overall sanity to and from the CLIF BAR Mainframe.

Our drives are a slurry of conversation and no topic is off limits. The learnings that come from pooling are beyond your imagination, especially when driving home after company social events like parties, ski trips or happy hours.

While I try to avoid giving unsolicited dietary advice in the "pool," I feel it's my moral and ethical obligation to speak up when a pooler mentions something that's just a bizarre nutritional misconception or generally a sketchy idea. I try to keep an open mind and my mouth shut, but if a fellow pooler is risking their health or spreading misinformation, what am I to do?


Pooler # 1 was so proud of his weekend renaissance spread that he sent around a picture (exhibit 1).  I'm glad to see something green here but really, he needs to know that Atkins went bankrupt long ago and that every knight needs carbohydrates to properly weal thy sword.

Pooler # 2 is exploring fasting to "detox" his system. I will spare you the discussion that ensued over the colon but let's just say I lost my appetite for breakfast. Giving your system a rest from its usual fare is sometimes a good idea (particularly if you eat too much meat, drink too much caffeine and beer and rarely reach for vegetables), but such extreme measures like fasting aren't necessary to achieve good health. Fasting to find some spiritual connection, perhaps; but for good health, I still recommend a "detox" that includes fruit, vegetables, plenty of fluid and lasts no longer than 3 days.

Pooler #3 has decided to become a "convenient" vegetarian. I'm not opposed to vegetarianism (unless you're a competitive endurance athlete...but that's another blog for another day). While I hate to see the words eliminate and diet in the same sentence, I can understand eliminating red meat and poultry from your diet if you don't like them or don't feel like supporting ranching; but nutritionally, you could do more harm than good if you're not careful. So for the love of a girl growing up in Montana, tell me why!


Loyal poolers, those are the nutritional facts as I see them—you can take it or leave it. Maybe we should ride again soon to straighten all this out.
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Tara, the RD

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