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Jun. 9, 2009
Engle Scores 79th Career Win at Bob Potts Marathon
Years ago, when I first got traded from Sports Retail to the Team Clif Bar lair (a dubious move that still has Marketing management scratching their heads), I received a few emails from a young fellow named Chuck Engle, a runner who apparently had been on the TCB roster for years.

Interestingly, Chuck signs off all his emails as “Marathon Junkie”, which struck me as a bit strange at the time. The self-applied nickname becomes a bit less odd, though, when you truly grasp the scope of Chuck’s prolific running career. Heading into this past weekend, Chuck had finished over 187 marathons, including over 180 with sub-three hour times. Impressive.

On May 31st, the inaugural Bob Potts Heritage Rail Trail Marathon presented Chuck with a chance to finally win a 26.2 miler in Pennsylvania, a goal that had eluded him in 6 previous attempts in the Keystone State (or Commonwealth). With a blistering trail time of 2:41:35, Engle easily won the race, getting the monkey off his back in effort that would have made Ben Franklin proud. The victory was Chuck’s 79th career win. But, if simply winning 79 races in not enough to impress you, here are a few more incredible facts about Chuck “Marathon Junkie” Engle:

  • Pennsylvania is the seventh state or commonwealth in which Engle has recorded at least seven marathon finishes
  • Chuck has already completed 25 marathons this year.
  • He lives in Dublin, Ohio and went to school with fellow Dubliners Bono and The Edge.
  • Engle has run a marathon in 44 states
  • He is pushing towards being the third runner in history to complete a sub-three hour marathon in every state
  • Chuck’s long-term goal is to be the first person to run to the moon

Well, to make a long story moderately short, Chuck runs like a crazy man. When he finishes his 50th marathon of the year, I’ll write an update telling you all about it. Probably in another month or so.
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