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Sep. 26, 2006
Epiphany Ride 2006
50 miles laterLast week, I wrote about how we spinned away to our hearts content, all in preparation for the sixth annual CLIF BAR epiphany ride. Although the conditions may have been a bit different, there's no doubt that our spin party most definitely got us stoked to ride in the great outdoors this Saturday to honor the moment when Gary realized he just had to create a better-tasting energy bar.

There were four groups, each one made up of different levels of wackadoodle riders (all with some relation to CLIF BAR)—the 150-mile ride, the 100-mile ride, the 50 and the 30.

I rode the 50 and it was brutal, especially for someone who hadn't ridden a  road bike since, say, May—uphill, temps in the high 80's, windy roads, narrow shoulders--but a scenic ride nonetheless. Let's just say it was an adventure. The best part was the hill we had to climb at the very end (insert smiley face).

Upon each of our respective returns, we shared tales from the rides—car accidents, flat tires, weary riders, but all in all, we rode safely and did it in style.

We were rewarded for our hard work with a dip in Gary's pool, massages from our very own Stephanie (+ crew), amazing food and delicious birthday cake (Happy Birthday, Gary), all in the name of CLIF BAR!

Maybe next year, with some more time on the bike, I'll try to do the 100...or maybe the 30...

For more photos from our ride, check out!

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