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Sep. 8, 2008
Epiphany Ride This!

On September 20th the 2008 Clif Bar Epiphany Ride will be upon us.

Last year a bunch of us drove up the night before the ride to sleep on Gary’s & Kit’s property among the wolves and orangutans so we would be ready to roll at some crazy-early hour in order to get the 150-mile ride going in time to be back before the afternoon feast. The morning of the ride we rolled out in the dark. And it was cold—really, really cold. I remember thinking that I wished I had some of those lobster-claw winter gloves. Then I remembered that I do have a pair, but while my hands were frozen before dawn up in the North Bay those toasty gloves were still buried in a box somewhere on a shelf in Berkeley.

About an hour into the ride Eric’s hands got so cold he had to stop. And I think he probably had to sob too like a wee little lost lamb, but it was still pretty dark so I couldn’t actually make out the tears. At this point in the ride we were all sorta in survival mode. Riding froze the hands, but kept the rest of the body moving. Stopping allowed the hands a break from the ice-wind, but coming to a standstill meant the body started getting chilled.

Catch-22 for sure.

I decided to stop and wait with Eric while the rest of the group kept rolling. Eric warmed his hands on the follow motorcycle’s grip-warmers and I gutted a dead tauntaun so I could crawl inside the carcass and stay warm.

Once Eric’s hands were starting to feel better I headed off to catch the group so that they’d know Eric was back in the mix. And that’s where my ride got interesting—and probably about 15 miles longer—when I followed a turn arrow intended for the 30-mile riders. Woops.

Turning left when you’re supposed to turn right ain’t good when you’re only about 20 miles into a 150-mile ride.

Here’s the message Eric left on my cell phone.

Ahh…listening to Eric’s concerned voice sure brings back some delightful memories.

And on September 20th we’re going to do it all again—but with lobster-claw gloves this time around and hopefully without those extra 15 miles thrown in.
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