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Mar. 7, 2012
Ever Wonder What it’s like to Ski as a Giant, Foam CLIF BAR?
The Clif Bar Field Marketing team has a reputation for containing some pretty enthusiastic folks, like Erik Winkler for example. Not one to shy away from a challenge, he donned a giant foam CLIF BAR costume and went backcountry skiing, UPHILL, no joke! Read on and watch to download the full adventure.

I’m Erik Winkler, the sign-up-for-anything man. A friend asks, “Hey, want to ride from Seattle to Portland this weekend?” “Yep, I respond”. “Hey, want to be in a 7 person multiport relay” “Yep”. I’m up for anything and usually happy to be so.

Well, this weekend was no exception. As a proud and loyal member of the NW Clif Bar Crew, when my boss asked me if I’d be willing to participate in a backcountry ski race wearing a giant foam Clif Bar, I naturally agreed without hesitation.

Welcome to Vertfest ’12 at Alpental, a backcountry ski race that starts at the base of the hill and ascends 2400 feet to the top and back down. However, this is just the recreational division…for the crazies out there, you could do a second lap, break out the Lycra!

Being that I am a mere mortal and covered in a giant foam CLIF BAR, I chose to go Rec. From the get go, my super-sized CLIF BAR brought smiles to my fellow racers and chairlift onlookers.

Though trudging uphill proved to be a little more difficult than I anticipated, it was worth the adventure.My biggest adversary in this endeavor proved to be the heat and restricted movement from the suit. The trickiest part of the climb was during a section where you took your skis off and climbed because the suit extends to the ankles. Needless to say, climbing is difficult when you can’t see your feet!

I couldn’t have asked for a better route during my ascent, it was right under the chair. I could hear people talking on the lift “Is that a giant CLIF BAR?” followed by “Yeah CLIF, wooohooo!” Ironically, it was the other skiers love for CLIF BARs that fueled me up the mountain and when I was finished I gladly reciprocated with an actual CLIF BAR to fuel them.

Finally reaching the top, I could take a short break while taking off my skins and locking down my bindings. Now comes the part I’ve been waiting for, charging down a double black with jello legs, embrace the burn! This was a lot of fun and I would gladly do it again…maybe next time I’ll just wear a CLIF cape though.
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