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Jul. 14, 2008
Fast Freddie Predicts the Green Jersey
Hope you’ve all seen the Tour stage today or will be watching it tonight. In the event that some of you might be recording it to watch later I’m not going to say a peep other than “Wow!” It is definitely worth a look.

And while the GC battle raged on the biting slopes of the Tourmalet and the double-digit grades of Hautacam, Freddie Rodriguez checked in to share his thoughts on my favorite competition of the Tour de France—the tussle for the oh-so-stylish & coveted Green Jersey.

I have to go with Thor. Thor is one of the most experienced of the contenders for this year’s Jersey.

I would have normally voted for Robbie but since Lotto has put all their efforts into Cadel that has left Robbie with no support. Robbie has to be the rider with the biggest punch in the mass sprints, but without one solid lead-out man to get him within those last 300 meters it will be difficult.

I would say Freire has the most talent but after being teammates with him for some years I know he can be hard to predict. You never know when things could go south with him. I would think if he finished he can win, but he also lacks support from his team. He tends to survive out there on his own without his team’s help.

Eric Zabel seems to always be there and is one of the hardest and toughest guys in the group, but he doesn’t have the finish he had back in the day.

Canvendish has been getting stronger and stronger in the last year, but he still lacks the endurance to have a chance for the jersey. That said he might have more wins than the other sprinters in the easier stages.

Steegmens seems to be having some trouble... (Some teams) seem to rally very well under a strong leader but lack the motivation to give it a 100% when the leader is not a confident win.

Robert Hunter is a solid sprinter and very motivated competitor but probably needs a little more to be in the running. He does have a great lead-out man with Baden Cooke that on his own day could win another tour stage. He has won the green jersey before so knows how to be there for himself or Hunter.

Thor seems to be the strongest in the general stages so he will pick up points through the easier to harder stages. He should also get stronger as the tour goes on. He has complete support from his team as he is their only true card in the tour, but they don’t seem to be able to put together a strong lead-out that in my opinion would serve Thor's style and help him win more stages.

I do love a good GC mountaintop finish, like the show that was put on today. But nothing gets my heart pumping quite like a 40+ mph madcap bunch-sprint dash to the line!

Thanks Freddie, for sharing your thoughts on this year’s Green Jersey competition.
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