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Aug. 24, 2005
Fave Foods in the Clif Kitchen
Every now and then, someone brings in a new food or a supplier sends us a new ingredient that generates a lot of excitement here among the Research and Development team. We munch on it (maybe a little excessively) for a while, until something new catches our attention.
Some of the biggest hits include:

  1. Yerba Mate

    This was huge! We all ordered mate gourds and bombillas and sipped on it all day long. The guys from Guayaki Yerba Mate came over and we had a nice chat with them. Eventually, we got a lot of other people into drinking mate, and it is still pretty popular around the office.


  2. Goji Berries

    One of my personal favorites! I have always been a believer in the health benefits of gojis. They've been used for centuries in Tibetan Medicine and are one of the most potent sources of antioxidants. When I was doing some product development with them for Nectar (Lemon Vanilla Cashew), they became a huge hit in the kitchen. Someone had read that if you eat 7 per day, you would have everlasting happiness, so we all make sure to have our 7 gojis per day! I don't know if I buy the everlasting happiness bit, but I certainly believe that they are a good thing to snack on.


  3. Tea

    There was a period of heavy tea consumption. We ordered in all variety of specialty teas from around the world. Every day, we would try a new type of tea.


  4. Espresso

    There's an ancient espresso machine that sits in the kitchen. One day, it was decided that we should resurrect it. Since then, Ian has become unofficial Clif Barista. He loves to make espresso drinks and experiement with crazy flavors, one he fondly calls "The Oaxacan Car Bomb." It won't kill you... here's proof: a fun website about caffeine.


  5. Salted, Toasted Hemp Seeds

    This is the newest addition to the collection. A sample of this product arrived a few weeks ago. It may not find its way into any products, but they sure do taste good. Erik can't seem to stop munching on them. We may have to order some more pretty soon! Besides tasting great, they are a good source of essential fatty acids. Want some?

I wonder what will be next. Any suggestions?
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