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Nov. 20, 2009
Feeling Green, Feeling Good
Just when the challenge of global warming starts to feel a bit overwhelming, the annual Green Festival comes around as it did again this past weekend in San Francisco.

Some 45,000 people—including a friend, my brother and me—dropped by the Green Festival to immerse ourselves in a sea of sustainability, social justice, workshops, music, food and fun. Clif Bar, as we have for years, had a booth where attendees could sample some of our goodies.

The festival draws a wonderfully diverse crowd—young, old, urban, suburban, singles and families—all of whom care about green issues and living a more eco-conscious life.

You can learn about causes galore from a vast array of non-profits. You can also shop till you drop for eco-friendly goods and services, ranging from clothing, jewelry and fair trade chocolate to solar panels, socially responsible investing services and green dentistry. My brother asked out loud whether so much emphasis on shopping really embodies a green lifestyle. Good point—though you could argue that whatever you buy, at least you’re buying green.

I made one purchase—a set of reusable bamboo cutlery for my lunches at work. No more need for plastic or corn-based disposable cutlery from local eateries. I took a brief look at vegan dog food, but realized I should first get a dog. My friend also bought a set of the bamboo cutlery and a vintage-style calendar printed on recycled paper. Even my brother threw his shopping caution to the wind and bought both the bamboo ware and an organic-cotton outfit for our little niece.

Wish we’d had time to get to the festival sooner to hear great speakers like Amy Goodman, Marion Nestle, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. Note to self: Come earlier next year. One thing remained true, though, as it does each year: Sharing the Green Festival with so many energized people has me feeling good again about beating global warming. My optimism is renewed. I really think Mother Earth is going to make it.

PS—Global Exchange and Green America also hold the Green Festival in Seattle, Denver, Chicago and Washington, D.C.
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Dean, the PR Dude
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