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Apr. 5, 2011
First Comes Clif, Then Comes Marriage…
Our Clif Bar & Company Field Marketing crew are, by nature, passionate about all things Clif, playing dedicated ambassadors to Clif brands on a daily basis. So what happens when two of the crew share a little more in common than just a favorite Clif product? Read on to hear the true story from Northwest Field Marketing Manager Marcie Winkler.

Clif Bar Valentine's Day Heart

This story begins in July of 2008. John and Amanda had both arrived early for an event and were waiting on the same park bench. They quickly struck up a conversation without realizing they both worked for Clif Bar and would be spending the rest of the day together.

Over a plate of chopped CLIF Bars, Amanda and John continued to get to know each other. When the event was over, John helped Amanda carry the tub of dirty dishes to her car, where their conversation lingered; both wondering when they would see each other next.

They reconnected in late August as they carpooled to the Oregon coast to work the Hood to Coast Relay. They quickly scheduled a hiking date, which turned into yoga dates and eventually a full-blown relationship.

“When we first started dating, John had a huge stash of Mojo Minis - my favorite," said Amanda. "He hid them all around house. It took six months for me to find them all. They would be hiding in my shoes or the medicine cabinet…they just kept popping up.”

Amanda and John have since married and are expecting a baby girl, who they plan to name Cedar, in early June.
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