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Oct. 15, 2008
Food Journey on a Farm
I've been remiss in my blogging responsbilities, I'll admit.

I had the high hopes of sharing my Sustainable Food Lab journey with daily updates for all while I attended the conference a few weeks back and then I completely dropped the ball because the conference was full of super long days with even longer discussions; I was just pooped at the end of the day. All I could do was crawl into bed after dinner. And of course when I got back to the office, things were hectic and life interfered. You guys know the drill.

Ok, that's enough excuses.

I do owe a recap of what we were doing there, but I'll keep it short...

We were there to discuss our food system, the complexities, the emerging models, the newest ideas and much, much more. In many ways, each one of the attendees has been challenged to head back to what they do day in and day out to think about how they are going to contribute to creating a food system that is sustainable. You might be thinking this is a tall order and you are right.

At least I think you're right.

We have our work cut out for us; every single one of us. The conference opened my eyes to the many good projects happening now, ideas for the future and challenges so complicated that we've only just begun to scratch the surface.

So, I thought that rather than talking (writing) too much more, I'd just share just a few of the pictures from my journey:

Leafy Greens in the beautiful Salinas Valley.

Tractor on the coast. I love tractors.

Amazing display at the Swanton Berry Farm education center and store.

U-Pick strawberry fields with a view.

And...if you're interested in the Sustainable Food Lab and the good work they do, check out their website.
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